Coahoma Community College is a two-year, accredited, public, comprehensive institution of higher learning committed to serving as a catalyst for community and economic development in the rural, Northwest Mississippi Delta region and beyond. The college provides accessible, diverse, quality, equitable educational opportunities and support services that foster holistic growth in a student-centered learning environment. The college is committed to preparing students for college or university transfer and entry into a skilled workforce.


  1. Provide academic transfer programs that parallel with the first two years of college/university programs.
  2. Provide career and technical education programs that prepare students to enter the job market or transfer to a college or university.
  3. Meet the needs of area businesses and industries by providing workforce training programs.
  4. Empower students with the necessary tools to maximize their potential by providing a network of support services and activities.
  5. Utilize emerging instructional technology by providing innovative learning opportunities for students.
  6. Address community and economic development needs within the service area by developing and sustaining partnerships with public and private agencies.
  7. Initiate new programs or complement existing programs by securing and sustaining federal, state, and local funding.
  8. Support cultural enrichment programs and activities.
  9. Ensure institutional effectiveness by planning, assessing, and evaluating all activities and programs.
  10. Promote and support a culture of health and wellness on campus that extends to the surrounding communities and schools.